Our Solutions

BrightBlack provides a full turnkey solution to commercial and industrial property owners, either as an independent power producer or as a system implementer and operator. We can:

If you are a property owner looking for additional rental income and a sure-fire way to boost your returns, then this financial model might just be the perfect solution for you.

With this option, we reduce your upfront capital outlay and, essentially, you will rent the solution from us with a predefined, upfront investment. Be advised that we will first assess the building by following a strict evaluation process because we have to make sure that this option really is the right option for you.

With this option, as long as the sun shines and the PV system is operational, you are guaranteed a saving on your current Eskom bill.

We first assess the building and follow a strict evaluation process to ensure that this option is the right option for you.

Brightblack guarantees various outputs or elements including the electricity yield. We enter into a long-term agreement with you: typically 15 years.


This option really is simple and straightforward.

You completely own the solution and all the benefits thereof. You will be told upfront exactly what you need to pay—there are no hidden fees! Payment quantities and timing are based on a pre-defined agreement, e.g. a 50% deposit and the other 50% on sign-off. All our solutions come with our zero risk policy; we offer a triple-back insurance solution so you can sleep soundly at night.



Our independent third party metering provider installs smart meters to measure your current electricity usage. This ensures we design a bespoke system to best suit your electricity needs, and your usage is verified by an independent third party.



Our in-house engineering department provides complete electrical and mechanical design services to ensure the best possible solution for the client, relating to correctly sizing the solution and seamless implementation onto and into current infrastructure.



While the pricing of a system is important, we never compromise on quality. We only source from Tier 1 technology providers from across the globe. Given the size and volume of systems we have installed and are busy installing, we are able to pass on the benefits of scale in pricing and support to our customers.



We provide a turn-key construction service through in-house or verified and accredited third party providers, where we provide one point of contact and responsibility throughout the entire installation process.


Operate and maintain

We provide operational and maintenance services over the lifetime of the system. Our remote monitoring services ensure that we detect and correct the system pro-actively, thereby ensuring that the system is always operating to its maximum efficiency.

Where capital cost is problem and/or managing electricity is becoming too much of a burden, we have a solution for you:

Solar is a long-term investment, why should you not have peace of mind. All our solutions come with 25-year product warranties and performance guarantees providing the customer with a Zero Risk solution.

About Us

We want to redefine electricity consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa by being the most trusted and valued electricity and electricity solutions provider to our customers.

Our history

BrightBlack Energy (Pty) Limited was founded in 2003 and pioneered sensor technology in South Africa. In 2013 we established our solar division. With over 5 million square meters made efficient and over 2MW of rooftop solar installed, BrightBlack is a leader in providing electricity solutions in South Africa.

BrightBlack was recently unbundled from Multisource Telecoms (Pty) Limited and is a privately held company backed by seasoned entrepreneurs. It is 51% black owned and a Level II B-BBEE contributor.


Richard Newton (CFO)

Richard is a Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)) and previously worked locally at Deloitte and Mxit, and spent 8 years working in the UK PPP/PFI industry for Balfour Beatty where he gained extensive knowledge of the project financing and returns involved in long-term infrastructure projects.

Niel Coetzer (COO)

Niel is a Professional Electrical Engineer (Pr Eng). With 16 years of building services and solar energy experience, Niel has garnered vast knowledge in the fields of energy consumption, building optimisation and tuning, working locally as Technical Director at NWE Consulting Engineers and in the UK as Project Manager for Imtech Meica.

Why BrightBlack?

Solar is a long-term investment and you therefore need to partner with a company that will be around for the long term.

  1. In energy since 2003
  2. One of the largest rooftop solar companies in South Africa with over 4MW installed
  3. Strong shareholder and financial backing
  4. Level II B-BBEE contributor
  5. Well qualified and experienced team with the knowledge and ability to deliver
  6. Alternative innovative solutions for financing
  7. 25 year product warranties and performance guarantees