BrightBlack’s Commercial Solar Solutions Options

It has never been a better time to invest in solar. Today, solar power costs even less than traditional electricity in many markets.

How is this possible?

The latest price increases from your utility company have resulted in solar being a cheaper and cleaner source of energy. Currently, rapidly falling prices of technology means that commercial solar solutions are becoming more and more accessible to business owners.

How would you benefit from Commercial Solar Solutions?

You can pay less every month for clean, abundant solar energy than you do to your utility company.

What are the options BrightBlack has available to my company?



This option really is simple and straightforward.

As a business owner you completely own the solution and all the benefits thereof. You will be told upfront exactly what you need to pay—there are no hidden fees! We only install Tier 1 solar products in our solutions, ensuring the best technology and maximizing the long-term benefits for you the owner.



If you are a property owner looking for additional rental income and a sure-fire way to boost your returns, then this financial model might just be the perfect solution for you.

With this option, we reduce your upfront capital outlay and, essentially, you will rent the solution from us with a predefined, upfront investment. Be advised that we will first assess the building by following a strict evaluation process because we have to make sure that this option really is the right option for you.

The solar solution or plant is financed and leased back to you, our customer. The lease cost is equivalent to the electricity generated. Variable duration and rental escalation options ensure that we provide the optimal solution for the property owner.

You carry no responsibility in terms of the maintenance of the solution; that is all on BrightBlack. BrightBlack guarantees various outputs or elements including the electricity yield.



With this option, as long as the sun shines and the PV system is operational, you are guaranteed a saving on your current Eskom bill.

We first assess the building and follow a strict evaluation process to ensure that this option is the right option for you.

BrightBlack guarantees various outputs or elements including the electricity yield. As with the RYE, variable durations and escalation options ensure that we are able to cater for your specific requirements.